Reminder: The Walking Dead Season 2 Premieres Sunday Night

Moment of truth time: The new, Frank Darabont-less Walking Dead show returns with a 90-minute premiere episode, beginning at 9pm EST on AMC (although since Darabont was fired after SDCC, he probably worked on the premiere and the first few episodes as per normal, so the actual, specific “moment of truth” may be a few weeks down the road). I figured the best way to remind you people was with this 5-minute compilation of Walking Dead season 1’s zombie kills. I know the human drama is show’s real strength, but watching this vid reminded me a lot of what I really liked about the show in the first place — I’d forgotten the scene where Rick and four other beat a fallen zombie to death, and it suddenly becomes not an act of survival but of brutality, and the footage is shot for all the world like someone recording the police beating somebody, and you actually almost sympathize with the zombie. That shit is awesome, and why, despite season 1’s considerable flaws, I’m still pretty damned excited for season 2. Now, I admit I didn’t need this video set to a ridiculous cover of that Cranberries’ song (“Zombie”) but whatever.