SyFy Draws GRRM’s Wild Cards


If you only know George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, then… then you’re like a lot of people, actually. But he also created, wrote and edited a long-running series called Wild Cards, a gritty, realistic at superheroes and villains which sounds more impressive when you learn the first book was published in 1987. Other authors wrote books in the 21-volume series, include guys like Roger Zelazny, but GRRM was in charge of ’em.

So anyways, SyFy Films just bought the rights to Wild Cards. Now, before you freak out at the word “SyFy,” let me tell you Wild Cards isn’t going to be a crappy SyFy TV series or crappy TV movie. SyFy Films is their partnership with Universal and Wild Cards is its first project, so chances are Wild Cards will be a crappy theatrical movie. Hey, what do I know — maybe it’ll be awesome. Even SyFy makes a Battlestar Galactica and Eureka once in a while. And at least SyFy can’t cancel a movie to show more wrestling. (Via THR)