The (Chronological) Life of River Song

Ah ha! Surely I can’t be the only Doctor Who fan who’s been waiting for this — a video showing River Song’s life from River Song’s perspective. To all non-Doctor Who fans, let me explain why this is a big deal: River Song is the Doctor’s love interest, but thanks to all the time travel that goes on in the show, they’re basically living in opposite chronological order. Meaning the first time the Doctor meets River (back when he was played by David Tennant) was the last time River saw him, and as the Doctor went on meeting her, River knew him less and less (this isn’t absolute, especially when it gets to River’s younger years, but you get the idea). If this sounds confusing, yes, it kind of is, which is why this video — showing River’s life in her order — has been so much anticipated by myself. If you’re smarter than I am and had no problem, then at the very least you can appreciate how well Steven Moffat — who wrote the original River Song episodes before he became the Who showrunner — had the character and her complicated relationship with the Doctor planned out from the beginning. Warning: anyone who’s been watching seasons five and six may be surprised to discover how fucking sad the “Library” episodes now are. You’ve been warned. (Via Blastr)