The Justice League Vs. the Legion of Doom Auxillaries

DC finally put out a trailer for their next animated straight-to-DVD movie, Justice League Doom. The good news: Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman and Tim Daly is voicing Superman, like in the DCAU. The bad news… well, the bad news is that apparently the Legion of Doom the league will be fighting is a bit light on the doom. Seriously, Vandal Savage? Bane? Mirror Master? Some card guys (the Royal Flush gang, I guess)? Even if these guys get Batman’s secret dossiers on the other superheroes, I still feel like the League should be able to take care of them pretty easily. I mean, I know they’re not exactly the Great Lakes Legion of Doom or anything, but come on. If you can’t get Lex Luthor, Brainiac or Gorilla Grodd to sign on, there’s obviously something wrong with your Legion of Doom. (Via Comics Alliance)