The Quasi-Triumphant Return of Cyborg 009

I’m going to say maybe 100 TR readers vaguely recall when Cartoon Network’s Toonami used to air Cyborg 009, and maybe 15-20 of you remember it fondly. Well, that 15-20 of you, good news — Cyborg 009 is returning with a series directed by Kenji Kamiyama of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex fame, as announced in this promo video. It’s your basic introduction to the nine cyborgs who decide they want to protect humanity instead of harming it, as well as their powers; alas, it’s clearly going to be cel-shaded CG, which has the misfortune of making it look like those Appleseed movies or a videogame. Still, Stand Alone Complex was awesome (and for my money the best Ghost in the Shell series out there, anime or manga) and moody cyborgs are right in Kamiyama’s wheelhouse, so I’m looking forward to this. Although the chances of someone bringing it over to America are pretty much nil. You 15-20 Cyborg 009 fans — how many of you own the Cyborg 009 DVDs? Yeah, that’s why it’s not coming over. (Via ANN)