Tim Kring’s New Show Looks Dumb, But Not as Dumb as Heroes (…Yet)

Forgive me if I am skeptical that Tim Kring’s new show, Touch, will be anything but an entertainment atrocity. While that certainly means I’m not giving it a chance, anyone who watched the last three seasons of Heroes (and followed the TR live-blogs) should understand my loathing. I will admit that Touch has a bit more going for it than Heroes: Keifer Sutherland and Danny Glover are both pretty good, and assuming that Kring doesn’t have to fit in a dozen characters, maybe he’ll actually have a chance to focus one writing one decent story for one set of characters. Of course, that doesn’t do much to mitigate the fact that this show is clearly Knowing with an adorable moppet instead of insane Nic Cage. In summary, I remain skeptical. Also, Tim Kring blows goats.