TR Contest: What Your Videogame Characters Would Say About You

You saw it coming, didn’t you? If you didn’t, then you probably missed Sony’s “Michael” PlayStation commercial which I ran yesterday (and is now above), in which various videogame characters meet in a bar and discuss/praise their player Michael. I think we all realize that this is a pretty optimistic view of what the characters we play would say about us were they drinking. I suck at almost every videogame, so I know my guys would bitch about my inability to keep them alive for more than five minutes at a time. Plus, Cloud Strife alone could complain about all the chocbo-breeding I made him do, assuming he would say more than “…”

So here’s the contest: Tell me what your videogame characters would say about you. Please make sure you mention the character, obviously, and if you think there’s any chance I might not know the character, list the game he/she/it is from (and remember, I’m more of a console guy). Two entries per person, but each entry can be a conversation between one or more characters — just don’t have ’em run too long, because I may end up skipping it. My apologies to any non-gamers, but last week was books, and besides, I’ll try to cover the other types of nerdery in upcoming weeks (suggestions are always welcome).

And that’s that. The contest ends at 12:01am EST on Monday, October 10th. Have a great weekend, and if any one offers you a job at gas station, DO NOT ACCEPT. You know why.