Two More Bat-Villains in Arkham City? Oh, Why the Hell Not

This 7-minute look into Batman: Arkham City doesn’t reveal a ton of new information on the game, or even a ton of new gameplay. What it does reveal, however, is that Bat-villains Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy will be among the foes Batman faces in the game, joining Joker, Hugo Strange, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Riddler, Penguin, Zsasz and whoever else I’m forgetting. On the plus side, it seems like Batman will be getting a little help in that Nightwing seems to be a playable character, at least according to the game’s Achievements list (remember, Robin is a Best Buy exclusive, at least for a bit). Again, Rocksteady, I have two words for you: King Tut. It’s probably too late to slip him into the game proper, but it’s never too late for King Tut DLC. You know you want to. (Via CBR)