You’re Not Done with Arkham City Yet

One of the complaints about Batman: Arkham City has been that’s it’s too short. I don’t get it. Even if you ignore the 12 side missions, the 400 Riddler trophies and the 24 challenges, if you’re not beating up every thug you see while grappling across town, I think you’re doing it wrong. At any rate, as this trailer reveals, there’s still more Arkham City to play as the Nightwing DLC will be available on November 1st for 560 Microsoft Points or $7 on PSN. As you can see, Nightwing comes with his own set of gadgets, as well as the ability to beat bad guys with sticks instead of his fists. He also comes with two exclusive challenge maps, titled “Wayne Manor” and “Main Hall,” and a TAS skin. I wish it was his ’70s outfit, but enh, you can’t have everything.