Felicia Day Is Not Good at Playing with Herself

This is a video of Felicia Day finally playing the Dragon Age 2 DLC Mark of the Assassin, starring her elven-assassin character Tallis, who Day also starred in the live-action Dragon Age: Redemption webseries. It is totally fucking delightful. I know some people still doubt Day’s nerdiness, but deciding to film yourself playing the DLC based on your own character, starring you — but forgetting to check whether you even downloaded the DLC first — and then not having enough Xbox points to buy it — and then having your payment option expired and needing to enter an entire new credit card — takes a very special kind of nerdiness. And kudos to Day for not being afraid to look dumb and editing it out. Honestly, this video right here is my favorite thing Day has ever done… although I admit the look of bewildered glee when her PC starts flirting with Tallis helps, too. (Via The Mary Sue)