Non-Professionally Made Short Videos with Games as Their Subject Matter Trifecta

Why didn’t I just title this article “Videogame Fan Video Trfiecta”? I’m glad you asked.

? First is a short based on the videogame Silent Hill by Paul Leeming of Visceral Psyche Films. Although Leeming is a Silent Hill fan, he’s also a director and cinematographer. I probably still could have called this a fan video at a stretch, I guess. Anyways, watch it, the atmosphere is spooky as hell. However…

? Next is a trailer for a Warhammer 40K animated movie by one person in his free time. He’s definitely a fan, but Warhammer is more a tabletop game than a videogame series, so I didn’t want you guys to bitch at me for calling it a videogame when I knew better, hence the article title. Anyways, watch this too; the settings and armor and vehicles are amazingly designed (that tank blew me away [no pun]). Thanks to Sean S. for the tip.

? Last and certainly not least is a live-action short called Half-Life: Origins, which is definitely based on a videogame but was also made for, who paid for it, which means it was professional, which means it wasn’t fan-made but more indie… thus invalidating the use of “fan video,” and thus forcing me to use the awkward but hopefully accurate article title above. I hope that explains everything to your satisfaction. Oh, and watch this video too (too), as it’s the most polished of the bunch. By god I would not want to meet that Gordon Freeman wielding a crowbar in a darkened alley.