Promoting Human

Well, speak of the devil — specifically, speak of SyFy’s Being Human on this week’s DVD Day, and lo and behold, a new promo for Being Human season 2 comes out. While it doesn’t seem that informative to me, it does make it look pretty damned exciting and fun, so that’s cool. It also seems like the leads have a bit more chemistry together, which is what I thought was mostly lacking in those first few episodes of season 1, so that’s a good thing, too. Especially now that Russell Tovey, a.k.a. George the werewolf, announced he’s leaving the original British Being Human too, leaving only original recipe Nina and ghost Annie. Apparently the show will go on, but I have no idea how when 2/3rds its original leads have gone, and one of the two cast members is the mother of George’s unborn werewolf baby. All I’m saying is Being Human fans might want to start transferring their affections over to the new show, just in case.