Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Movie Unsomething-or-other


?The first pics of Ridley Scott’s kinda-sorta Alien prequel Prometheus popped up in Entertainment Weekly, and I thought it was worth noting that they looked good. Well, not really character of story-wise — I still have no fucking clue what’s going on in this movie — but in terms of design. I really, really like the spaceship set (above) and the astronaut costumes (below), and their simplicity.


?Both the set and the costumes could have been designed in the ’70s, which allows Prometheus to tie in visually with Alien, if nothing else. Normally when people make modern sequels/prequels to older films, they completely ignore the design ethic of the originals, so you have incongruities like super-detailed computers in Revenge of the Sith and then Luke using an Atari 2600 in his X-Wing in A New Hope, which still bugs the shit out of me. Here, Scott seems to have made a concerted effort to tie the two films together design-wise, despite Prometheus being made 32 years after Alien, and I really appreciate it, is all.