Suddenly, A Week’s Worth of Crap Movie News Is Suddenly Redeemed

Kristen Stewart might be in Akira. Two terrible Snow White movies. The possibly talent-depleted Tarsem Sing wants Samurai Jack. And, of course, the terrifying rumor of a Doctor Who movie — all these things have made it a shit week for movie news. And yet… and yet what if I told you the entire week could be redeemed if you watched a single video? That there was one movie trailer that could make up for all of this week’s horrible news? Because there is, and it’s this:
After watching this, the new Doctor Who’s TARDIS could be a Camero with machine guns attached and I’d be okay. Nothing can take away the pure joy of watching a shitty Terminator action figure throw a car onto a woman, nor the bliss of seeing an even shittier Alien toy kicking a baby into low orbit. (Via the Daily What)