The Best Thing Michael Bay Has Ever Done

I get accused of being a hater on TR a lot, but I do like some things. Many things, in fact. And I’m not so jaded that I can’t recognize good work even if it’s by someone I normally loathe, such as… oh, I don’t know… Michael Bay. In fact, Bay made the above commercial for Need for Speed: The Run videogame, and I think it’s the best work he’s ever done.

Let me explain: Bay certainly has an eye for action, I’ve always admitted that. What he has a problem with is story, characters, humor, dialogue, and pretty much everything else. This is why his movies are terrible, but this also makes him ideal for commercials, since commercials don’t need any of the above stuff — they just need to look good. Furthermore, commercials are short, meaning Bay’s new-shot-every-.5-seconds style actually works for commercials. No one needs to know what the hell is going on in a commercial, which works perfectly with Bay’s limitations. Further furthermore, commercials are short. Even at two minutes long, Bay just doesn’t have time to include awful bullshit like robot balls, dogs humping, pot-brownie-addled mothers, etc.

In short, Bay should make commercials for the rest of his career. Also, we should legally forbid him from making movies, just to be sure. See? I can be nice!