The First Prometheus Trailer, Filmed in Glorious Low-Def Asscam

When a trailer to Ridley Scott’s non-prequel/kinda prequel to the sci-fi horror masterpiece Alien drops, I post it, no questions asked. But now that I’ve posted it, I do have one question …uh, can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on in here? There’s some walking and running, there’s a spaceship and an explosion, and then I think maybe I saw some shots of people looking upset, which seems pretty plausible. Also, I think the movie has some sort of self-esteem issue, because it keeps telling us to “SKIP FILM.” Hey, Prometheus, I know Ridley Scott’s made a few misses over the last decade, but that seems unnecessarily harsh. Tell you what — let’s all just ignore this and agree to meet back here when the real Prometheus trailer comes out, okay?