The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of This Girl

So if normal Link had an Ocarina of Time, what does this girl have? I posit that she’s playing the Violin of Madness, because I have no idea how to mentally process this video. It’s a cute girl! Dressed as Link! Playing various Zelda themes on violin! I should like all that stuff… but then there’s the video, which features said cute girl gadding about in various woodland landscapes with a big cheesy smile on her face, which I should find goofy. But then those various woodland landscapes are gorgeous! And she has a torch sometimes! There’s also a castle or something! And the camera work is excellent! The whole video is actually impeccably well done! But it’s a video of her prancing about! But while she’s playing an amazing version of Legend of Zelda music. Look, I’m going to lie down for a little bit and try to sort this out. Watch at your own risk. (Via Kotaku)