Timey Wimey Gets Sultry Wulty in Doctor Who: Nights

Alas, this is not a Baywatch: Nights-esque spin-off of Doctor Who, as much as I wish it was. These are four new Who shorts, written by Stephen Moffat, included on the recent Doctor Who Complete Sixth Season DVD/Blu-ray sets (which means they probably won’t be around online for too long, so watch them while you can). Like all of Moffat’s Who, they’re very funny, a little melancholy, and half of them are about River Song, so your mileage may very. Quick question: In a way, isn’t Torchwood effectively Doctor Who: Nights? At least at the beginning? The same basic show, just with more horror and sex? Food for thought.

Oh! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer a massive congratulations to long-time Topless Roboteer Doctor Oddfellow, who just got engaged to his lady friend in an impressively nerdy way — during a fan video where he played the Fourth Doctor and his companion played the Doctor’s companion Romana. You can watch it here; the (wonderfully) mushy stuff starts at about 2:20. Congrats, you two — I imagine you both have a few Doctor Who: Nights in your future.