TR Contest Special: Anime Twitter, Sponsored by Funimation

I told you guys this week’s TR contest was probably going to be the biggest ever, remember? I did not lie. This contest is being sponsored by the anime company Funimation, who will be releasing the original Dragonball Z on Blu-ray for the first time next Tuesday (not Dragonball Kai, for those who know the difference — the original, uncut series in both Japanese and English containing 17 episodes for $20, at least on Amazon). They’re given me not one, not two, but 10 Dragonball Z Blu-rays to give out to you scamps! So nine winners will get the Blu-ray, and a 10th grand prize winner will receive Dragonball Z on Blu-ray, an absolutely terrible Super Saiyan Trunks figure from 2001 or so, a great and highly articulated Piccolo figure from 2008, and a goddamn Dragonball Z skateboard (why such random junk? Because the dude at Funi who sent me this stuff is my friend and also ridiculous).

dbz swag.JPG

?How can you be one of the 10 winners? Give me tweets from the world of anime. Any series, any character, any movie — and I’ll take manga, too, why not. Same deal as the other Twitter-style contests — each entry should be no more than 140 characters, including spaces. Now, for those who don’t tweet and don’t know the format:

? You should start off mentioned who’s tweeting at the beginning,
followed by a colon. The person who’s tweeting’s name does not count
towards the 140. I.e.:

SailorPluto: What the fuck you mean I’m not a planet anymore?!

? If you want to mention another “tweeter,” simply put an “@” in front of their username. I.e.:

PrinceofallSaiyanz: Next time @CuckooforGokuPuffs makes an “over 9000” gag I’m ripping his dragonballs off.

If you want to have someone “reply” to somebody, use the the “@”
username combo directly after the tweeter’s name. People being replied
to DO count in the 140. I.e.:

Hey! Hey @ShinjiIkari01! What’d ya get me for Father’s Day?
ShinjiIkari01: @WorldsGreatestDad Fuck you, dad.

And that’s that. Enter as many times as you like; there are 10 prizes, after all. Bonus points will be given for clever/hilarious Twitter handles. The contest at 12:01 am EST on Monday, November 7th. Much thanks to Funimation for sending me so much swag to give out, and remember, if you don’t win, the Dragonball Z Level 1.1 Blu-ray will be out on Tuesday for your purchasing pleasure. Have a great weekend, and if anyone gets a tattoo of a lasagna-breathing dragon, I want pics.