TR Contest Special: Sports Teams of Nerd-dom, Sponsored by OtherTees


?First things first: Topless Roboteers Paul and Becky will be hosting a Halo gaming marathon this weekend for Child’s Play, Penny Arcade’s fabulous charity that gives games to sick children. They’ll be playing all though way through Halos 1-3, ODST and Reach, and the more money gets pledged the harder the games become. Please consider donating here, because it’s a good cause and it’s always fun to make your fellow nerds suffer.

Second: This week’s contest is sponsored by OtherTees, one of those “shirt-a-day” sites (the Major League Bounties shirt you see is their offering for today) whose works regularly get posted on Geek Apparel of the Week. But how can a shirt-a-day company give out prizes that aren’t just totally random, you ask? By giving three lucky winners coupons for a free shirt to use whenever they see an OtherTees shirt they like! Clever, eh?

The contest is this: Make up sports teams from any fictional location from nerd-dom. Movies, TV shows, videogames, anything. You’ve probably seen plenty of other nerd shirts do this very thing — shorts with logos for the Tatooine Banthas, the Arrakis Sandworms, etc. — so I’m not worried about you wrapping your head around the contest theme. The trick will be to figure out the cleverest team for each location. For instance, most people will think of the Winterfell Dire Wolves pretty fast, but who would submit the Winterfell Fightin’ Hodors? A possible winner, that’s who.

Three entries per person, because after last weekend I’m not spending another 10 hours judging this contest. It ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, November 14th. Much thanks to OtherTees for sponsoring this contest — be sure to check out their wares this weekend, and if you haven’t added them to your collection of nerdy apparel websites, I recommend doing so. Have a great weekend, folks! And in the immortal words of the MST3K movie Eegah!, “Watch out for snakes.”