TR Suggestion Box: And the Winners Are…


?All right! A lot of great suggestions in this holiday weekend’s contest, all of which I’ve taken note of. As I said when I started the contest, the results couldn’t really be done in normal HM/winners format (I know it drives you guys crazy, but it’s so easy for me, you’re lucky I don’t do it every other week). Anyways, since the winners actually run a pretty good gamut of suggestions, I figured I’d list the winners and their suggestions, and then do a little explanation of my thoughts. Sound good? I can’t hear you, it’s the internet. I’m doing it anyways.

? Evan Sawdey — FAQ
Actually, I’ve had this idea myself for a while. I think it would provide a good service. The only reason I haven’t done it already is because after typing on my computer for 8 hours each day the last thing I want to do is spend another 3 hours writing up a FAQ (this is why the movie movie/TV show FAQs are few and far between). Anyways, now that I’ve heard the voice of the people, I’ll try to get off my ass.

? Christopher Kirkman — Proofreading
Like a lot of people, Kirkman takes me to task for my (lack of) proofreading. Although this isn’t quite accurate; I proofread everything I write, sometimes several times — I’m just really, really shitty at it. See, I know what I’m trying to write, so my brain immediately fills in whatever words I’ve missed or misspelled. I’m actually an excellent copy editor… of other people. Anyways, it may not seem like it, but I am trying. But TR will probably have to double in size before I get to hire a full-time copy editor.

? Ana O’Brien — Better Search and Layout
I actually think the TR layout is pretty solid, myself, but a better search function? Good idea. I’ll ask my comput-o-mancers.

? Matt Wells — Various
Matt Wells actually had a bunch of good suggestions, the simplest ones being another Art Contest, which I’ll probably do it over the holidays again. Another good idea: a yearly FFF round-up. The problem is that after dealing with these FFFs over the course of the year, you couldn’t pay me enough to revisit them. A brave group of TR readers took it upon themselves to do so in 2009, and it was great. If someone wants to volunteer do the same for 2011 please contact me.

Matt’s other suggestions are a bit more complex, including a TR Book Club — and I’ll go ahead and mention TR Live-blogs here, too. The biggest problem with these is that I don’t have the time or energy for them after doing TR all day. I’d love for you guys to go ahead and start your own Book Club — I’d be happy to help if I could– but I couldn’t actually lead or even join. The live-blogs… well, I’d actually like to do more live-blogs, but I still can’t decide on the right show. Walking Dead is during my football; Fringe is on Fridays, and there’s no way I can be home every Friday night. I don’t know. I’m still open to suggestions.

Matt’s last suggestion: A Topless Robot Store. I don’t know what to tell you. I want one. You guys want one. I’ve explained this to my overlords many, many times. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know who at Village Voice Media you could contact to request such a thing. Write your congressman, I guess.

And those are the four winners! Now,   last but not least, the most requested thing in the entire contest was a TR forum. Well, I’m on it. I don’t know if or when I can get it done, but I’m definitely going to try, and it should be a much easier task than a store. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who entered — more than usual — and congrats to the winners!