A Fairly Fun First-Person Final Fantasy VII Fan Fideo — Er, Video

A bunch of enterprising nerds decided to teach themselves the Unreal engine by remaking the first bit of Final Fantasy VII in it. The end result isn’t spectacular, exactly, but it is pretty neat — sure, you only get to see the train station area of Midgar and the train itself doesn’t move, but there are a bunch of nice touches, like the Lifestream leaking from the pipes and the “Potion received” notification and the wanted posters and the… you know, I won’t spoil that last one. Anyways, furious FFVII fanboy that I am, I enjoyed the video immensely, although it didn’t make me dry-hump my computer monitor in lust or anything. I mean, sure, it made me erect, but I managed to restrain myself otherwise. (Via Kotaku)