All Hail the Nerdiest Musical Instrument Ever Assembled

Welcome back, me! First off, I hope you guys had an excellent Christmas and/or other religious holiday of your choice. Second, I’d like to thank Todd Ciolek for pinch-hitting so marvelously for me for an entire week, and then I’d like to thank you guys for being so understanding about me needing a break. I do feel much better, and hopefully TR will be better for it.

Now! There’s been a lot of news this past week, some of which I still need to cover and some of which Todd covered but I want to weigh in on (mostly the new movie trailers), but I think we can all hold off on that for a little bit to see a man perform an entire musical number on an Atari 2600.

Behold the Gatari, which is so insane it makes Tesla coils say, “Damn, that is nerdy.” It was made by cTrix, who used it in this performance at the 2011 Blip Festival in Tokyo. I understand that you kids whose first console was an SNES or a PlayStation or whatever are probably listening to this and thinking it’s garbage, but man, it’s sweet, sweet music to my born-in-1977 ears. Thanks to Jarod for the tip!