Avengers: Earth’s Most Needlessly 3-D Heroes


?Was anyone wondering if there was any possible Avengers movie news that wouldn’t fill me with fanboy-ish glee? Well, wonder no more. From THR:

Marvel’s The Avengers, which Disney Studios will give a wide
release on May 4, 2012, is now going to be in 3D as well as 2D, the
studio announced Thursday.

Specifically, it’s going to be post-converted to 3-D, which generally sucks even if you like 3-D (e.g., Clash of the Titans). Bleh.

Now, I assume that Avengers will still be shown in 2-D in some theaters, like Thor and Captain America were, so I won’t have to suffer my most anticipated movie ever in shitty, after-the-fact 3-D bullshit. Most likely the 2-D screenings will be limited, which is annoying as hell, but not the end of the world. But Disney, what the fuck? Both Thor and Captain America were shot in 3-D, so I know the question of whether Avengers should be shot in 3-D came up well before shooting started. You approved the 2-D. Now, not only to do you look stupid for changing your mind, but so will the 3-D Avengers. Thanks for nothing, jackasses. (Via FilmDrunk)