Benicio Del Toro Is Not Pulling a Khan Job in Star Trek 2


?I’m sure you all saw the rumors flying around this weekend about Benicio del Toro possibly/probably playing Khan in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 2. I didn’t report it, because I hate reporting rumors (and things that are “in talks”, for that matter) and I didn’t trust the source specifically. Anyways, it was a good thing I didn’t report it because Hitfix went up to J.J. Abrams and asked him directly if del Toro was playing Khan, and he said:

“Not true.”

I’m going to take Abrams at his word, because as far as I know he’s never outright lied about one of his movies before, and I don’t know why he’d start now. I’m also going to take him at his word because I really, really didn’t want Khan in the Trek sequel. You know, just because you reboot something doesn’t mean you have to remake the specific movies you’re rebooting (*cough* Superman *cough*).