Finally, a Game Where Six Batmen Can Gun Down Eight Jokers

Remember Gotham City Imposters? The online, multiplayer first-person shooter in which vigilantes dressed vaguely like Batman and criminals dressed like clowns gun each other down in the streets? Well, Warner Bros. keeps releasing these animated shorts for it, and it’s dawning on me how seriously fucked-up this premise is. I mean, a gang of idiots in shitty Joker costumes hunting and shooting people makes a certain sense in Gotham City; but guys who are presumably inspired by Batman grabbing uzis and blowing the heads of “Jokerz”? That just doesn’t scan. In all honestly, unless each match ends with Batman and Joker coming in and busting everybody’s heads for being murderers and copycats, respectively, I don’t understand how this game exists.

I mean, obviously someone wanted to make a Team Fortress 2 clone, and then they slapped the Batman license despite the fact that Batman never, ever uses guns — when they should have asked themselves what type of online multiplayer game would best suit the Batman license. I mean, how hard would it have been to make a Splinter Cell-like multiplayer stealth-fighting game, with one team being the Bat-family — Batman, all the Robins, Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, maybe Spoiler, Huntress, whatever — versus their rogue’s gallery? Harder than making Gotham City Imposters, obviously, but it would have been awesome and at least made a lick of sense. Instead, it seems like Batman finally has his own Masters of Teras Kasi — a game whose terribleness will live in infamy.