Finally, the Captain Power Rap Anthem the World Has Been Waiting For

Topless Roboteer DeanMartini directed to me to this music video based on the old Captain Power TV series, made back during the show’s tiny heyday of 1987, for a “rap” titled “Digitize.” Initially, I had a hard time believing this was real and not some kind of fan-made prank, but when I listened to it, I knew it had to be authentic. There was only one time in history when white people were foolish enough to believe they were allowed to rap like this, and it was 1986-88. Seriously, the dude “busting” these “rhymes” makes even Vanilla Ice sound like the Notorious B.I.G. I’m pretty sure forcing people to listen to this constitutes a crime against humanity… which is of course why I had to share it all with you. Enjoy!