Ghost Rider: Boredom of Vengeance

Now that’s more like it. The first trailer for the incredibly unnecessary Ghost Rider sequel, the one directed by the Crank guys, was… well… Crank-like. It was insane and action-packed and, while I personally didn’t need to see Ghost Rider literally piss fire, it was a memorable, crazy fucking scene that I remembered, implying that Spirit of Vengeance might itself be memorable, if not actually good. Well, thank god this new trailer came out to return the status quo. By focusing on the story — which is basically your standard save the kid from becoming the antichrist thing — Ghost Rider 2 can focus on what it does best, which is churn through tired movie clich?s like reluctant “dark” hero, mom looking for redemption through her kid, a smarmy Satan stand-in and most offensively, dialogue like “I’m not scared.” “You should be.” Bleh. Call me when Cage starts pissing fire again.