Judge the Judge Dredd Game Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Oh, who am I kidding. Judge it. It looks terrible. Why, if you managed to snag the Judge Dredd license, would you decide to use it in Gauntlet/Smash TV rip-off where you don’t even fight criminals, but zombies? Has Judge Dredd ever fought zombies before? Moreover, what the hell is “zombie crime”? Does Mega-City One have specific laws for the undead? I mean, if a lion gets loose in the suburbs and starts eating toddlers, sure, you hunt the lion and put it down, but you don’t say the lion is breaking the law. I mean, you wouldn’t try the lion in a judicial court, and I wouldn’t think you’d make zombies do it, either. As far as I know, being a walking, rotting corpse that occasionally tries to eat the jury’s brains would be considered somewhat prejudicial.