Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Map Diorama Collection


?I’m sorry for running yet another STJT that’s genuinely terrific, but goddamn. This incredible toy set recreates the entire actual world map from the original Dragon Warrior/Quest NES game, and mother of god do I want it. I recognize the starting point, the towns, the castles, the caves, the dungeons… everything is just as I remember it from playing DW for about 500 hours back in 1988. The set also comes with nine monsters (one for each quadrant of the map, but not each map piece, as there are 11 pieces) including the trademark slime and others — they’re very tiny in the above pic, and there are a few more/better pics here, although I think I like the map better without ’em. You can pre-order the complete set here for 4260 yen, or around $54, although I’m sure some of you smart alecks know where to find it cheaper. I’d very much appreciate it if you smart alecks would share that info in the comments. (Via