The Second Annual TR Art Contest

turtle pirate art school.jpg

?You folks asked for it, and you folks got it — it’s time for the Second Annual Topless Robot Art Contest! Like last year, you must make art — a picture, a photo, a craft, a crosstitch, whatever, as long as it’s an image of something you made. Unlike last year, the picture’s subject must be Topless Robot-related (and not just mention TR on it somewhere). Suggested themes include:

? The Greatest Moments of FFF (as SFW as possible, please)
? A new Topless Robot robot
? The Offline Adventures of Rob Bricken (also as SFW as possible, please)
? Visual interpretations of “WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS”
? Photos of acts of nerdery (someone must be holding a TR sign in it, though)

I’m not trying to be vain here, I just want to make sure everyone creates something new, and this is the best way I know how.

Remember: You must email me the picture at the TR email ([email protected]) or provide a link in the comments. I know hyperlinks don’t really work, so something I can cut and paste is fine. Also remember: IF YOU EMAIL ME THE PICTURE, YOU MUST HAVE “TR ART CONTEST” AS THE EMAIL’S HEADLINE. Otherwise I might not see it.

The contest will run for two weekends — meaning it does not end until 12:01 am EST on Monday, January 2nd, 2012. You have 10 days to enter. As per last year, I have no idea how I’ll judge the contest, or how many winners I’ll pick, so just go for it, kids. Remember, TR will be closed on Monday, January 26th, but I’ll be back in action, hopefully relaxed and refreshed, bright and early on Tuesday the 27th… assuming I haven’t died of alcohol poisoning by now. Happy holidays to all of you! And watch out for U.S.O.s!