TLC Gets Some Occasionally Awkward Geek Love

Several TV shows have seized on the whole idea of nerd romance–see the mercifully on-hiatus Beauty and the Geek for one example. But The Learning Channel’s Geek Love, aired last night, seems genuine in its aims. It follows the Sci-Fi Speed Dating service as it pairs up attendees at several large comic conventions, and the show paints a more honest portrait of nerds looking for love.

Not that it’s lacking in awkward moments. You can see one extremely awkward one in the trailer, in fact. But the two-part pilot episode captures the many different brands of geek, from the intensely devoted types to the comparatively normal people who just happen to like dressing up as superheroes and Star Wars characters. And I’m sure at least one of the entrants featured on the show is a Topless Robot reader. TLC’s considering a full series of Geek Love if the first two episodes attract enough attention, and if The Big Bang Theory gets five seasons and counting, I see no reason why Geek Love can’t get at least one.