Behind the Magic/Douchery of Transformers 3

ILM released a new video about the special effects that went into Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, specifically, the building falling over scene, which seemed to last a mere 55 minutes in the film. If you like seeing how computer effects are integrated into movies — and I do — it’s pretty cool to see all the bits and pieces ILM had to create to make the scene. However, the real revelation comes earlier, when the ILM dude reveals that the whole reason the falling building scene is in the movie — again, a scene that takes up so much screentime — was conceived when Michael Bay was doing sit-ups in front of his full-length window in his high-rise luxury apartment and looking out over the city.


Well, of course. If you’ll recall, the wingsuit scene was added to TF3 after Bay saw them on 60 Minutes. It makes me wonder what the odds are of Bay eating his first pot brownie shortly before the production of TF2. Meanwhile, can someone please drop off a bunch of Transformers toys at all of Bay’s homes? Just so that he might be inspired by a fucking transforming robot at some point? (Via Seibertron)