BREAKING: Catwoman’s Butt Revealed


?Thanks to some DC Direct marketing ads from the U.K. Toy Fair, we have a look at an upcoming Catwoman statue from The Dark Knight Rises, and thus, the best look at Catwoman we’ve had so far (specifically, her lower torso, but I went with the more sensational if less accurate “butt” in the headline, as I’m trying to get a job at my local Fox affiliate). Selina here is wearing what might be a reasonable cat burglar outfit, with the possible exception of the the thigh-high boots and the definite exception of her spike heels, which I can imagine working when climbing buildings, but would make basic running/walking almost impossible (maybe they retract or something). All in all, the suit is somewhat reminiscent of Julie Newmar’s Catwoman from the ’60s Batman, which is a-okay by me — Newmar’s performance may have been campy, but her outfit was not. If you’re interested in more rather lackluster Dark Knight Rises merchandise from DC Direct, the Idle Hands blog has plenty more pics. (Via The Mary Sue)