BREAKING: Kevin Smith’s Comic Shop Reality Show Might Not Be the Worst Thing Ever

Here’s the first look I’ve seen at AMC and Kevin Smith’s nerds-in-a-comic-store reality show, Comic Book Men. If you’ll recall, I railed against this thing when it was first announced, but instead of being just a look at the few dysfunctional nerds who enter comic shops and give the rest of us a bad name, it’s going to be a Pawn Stars-type show for the comic crowd. I can get behind that. I can’t stand those other pawn reality shows, but I might be interested to see what kind of awesome comics and toys and shit people might bring into Smith’s New Jersey comic store. I was worried that the show would solely focus on how fucked up/creepy nerds can be. While I’m sure there’ll be more than a bit of that, I am relieved that there’s at least more going on “HEY LOOK AT THE NERD HE STILL READS COMIC BOOKS DURRRR”. The show begins in February after The Walking Dead season two part 2 premiere.(Via Nerd Bastards)