DVD Day: January 31st, 2012


?? Star Trek: the Next Generation: The Next Level
The long-awaited Blu-ray of three classic episodes — “Encounter at Far Point,” “Sins of the Father” and “The Inner Light” — is oddly named, but it looks gorgeous. Look here if you don’t believe me.

? TF
Hey, if Michael Bay refuses to brand his 7-disc Blu-ray set/monstrosity with anything resembling Transformers then I’m sure as hell not going to do his work for him.

? The Thing
The other Thing. The Thing with Ramona Flowers, not John Carpenter’s Thing.

? Fairy Tail Part 3

? One Piece: Collection 4
Fairy Tale Part 3 is outselling One Piece Collection 4. This makes me sad. Also the fact that this fourth set has Chopper on the cover instead of Usopp makes me mad. My fellow One Piece fans will understand why.

? 2-Headed Shark Attack
This little cinematic masterpiece stars Carmen Electra and Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke, and yet I don’t think they’re playing the heads of the shark. Weird.