Indie Game the Movie Becomes… Wait, What?

Mega-producer Scott Rudin has licensed the acclaimed indie documentary Indie Game: The Movie, which just so happens to be a movie about indie gamemakers (the trailer’s above). That’s not the weird news. The weird news is that Rudin wants to turn the movie into a TV show, the indie into an HBO property, and the documentary into a scripted series. So, basically, the exact opposite of what Indie Game: The Movie currently is. I’m not complaining — first of all, apparently Rudin doesn’t want to make it a comedy, which is nice. Second, as you might have noticed, HBO makes pretty good TV shows nowadays, and as SlyDante correctly mentioned when he sent me the tip, “a huge show like this could be a respectable showcase for the gaming world.” Honestly, an HBO drama about folks who make videogames sounds pretty damn awesome. So I genuinely hope it happens. It just strikes me as weird to be rooting for HBO’s Indie Game: The Movie Documentary: The TV Drama, is all. (Via Giant Bomb)