Michael Bay Shows You His Big TF

Oh, you know what TF is, right? TF means Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, obviously, which is why that new super Blu-ray box set of all three movies doesn’t have any Transformers pictured on it — because TF is all anyone needs to instantly realize what it is! Of course!

Actually, thanks to this video of Michael Bay showing off his big TF, we can see a couple of things about the set that I hadn’t noticed before. First, it does actually have pictures of Optimus Prime and Megatron on it, just very faint and on the side. Second, the packaging is actually kind of cool, the way it folds out and the film stills pop up. I’m big enough to admit that. Third, I have to admit this set is actually perfect for the Bayformers trilogy. Seriously! It’s unnecessarily big, it has a lot of wasted space, and in the center of it all is a big phallic object. Truly, when I think of Bayformers, I think of these things a lot quicker than I do transforming robots.

Oh — does Michael Bay really believe that if you don’t have a 3-D TV or a Blu-ray player, you should get the Dark of the Moon set with the 3-D version, Blu-ray version and the DVD version in it… instead of, you know, just the DVD version? I think he does. Wow. (Via /Film)