Need More Flying Ostriches

The History Channel, home of such history-related programming as Pawn Stars, Swamp People and Ancient Aliens, has decided to get in on the nerdy reality show craze. Behold the trailer for Full Metal Jousting, the obnoxiously named Survivor/Top Chef/Apprentice/remove-one-contestant-a-week jousting reality series. To History Channel’s credit, FMJ (as they desperately want it to be known) is more historical than most of their other programs, in that it features an activity people once actually performed in the past. And really, I’d much rather watch people joust than a comic book Pawn Stars-type show, mostly because I enjoy watching people get hurt (it’s why I’m a Ninja Warrior fan). But I tell you this, FMJ producers — you get one A Knight’s Tale-esque “We Will Rock You” rip-off scene, and one alone. Use it wisely.