Really, DC Nation? Really?

DC Nation is the upcoming programming block on Cartoon Network which will run the CG Green Lantern series, Young Justice, and assorted live-action shorts and clips from DC’s comics library and Mad Magazine and all sorts of things. This is one of those clips — a segment done by Wallace & Gromit claymators Aardman, who are doing a Batman and Robin and Catwoman and Superman and suspiciously Krusty-like Joker in the vein of their old Creature Comforts clips. (i.e., small kids say shit, which gets put in the mouths of claymated animals, or in this case, superheroes). While it might be easy to raise an eyebrow at why DC is running a short based on 1989 British claymation series that has almost no recognition in America, I’m more baffled at how the DC Nation title is still using the old DC logo in it. Seriously? Is that not going to change? Has no one at DC let people at Cartoon Network know that they’re rebranding the entire company? Shouldn’t a memo have been sent around or something?

Look, I’m sure some of you guys think that I’m just being bitchy, and that CN probably made these a while ago and haven’t had a chance to make new promos with the new logo. But that’s still exactly what I think is insane. DC and Cartoon Network work for the same company. There’s nothing stopping these two companies from working together — working ahead of time — to ensure shit like this doesn’t happen. And DC, if they had any sense whatsoever, would have gone out of their way to make sure their new logo was used everywhere from day 1 — especially on DC Nation, their highest profile opportunity to get kids interested in reading comics. Although I supposed expecting a company that 1) relaunched all its comics, 2) gave itself a new logo, and 3) began an all-new programming block of its content on Cartoon Network yet timed none of them together to have that much foresight is ridiculous. (Via Spinoff)