Resident Evil 6 Tells Milla Jovovich to Sit Down and Shut Up

Is it a coincidence that this announcement trailer for Resident Evil 6 came out so shortly after the most recent trailer for the fifth Resident Evil movie? Probably, but it’s still funny to imagine the guys at Capcom rolling their eyes at all the zombie-less, Umbrella-less, Milla Jovovich-laden nonsense and deciding to do something about it. That “something” would appear to be an awesome semi-remake of Resident Evil 2, where Leon Kennedy gets to traipse about a T-virus infested city, except this time there’s decent shooting and combat and Chris Redfield’s there and Leon has to shoot the President and holy shit is that Ashley and it all just looks really, really good. The one time where I thought the game might be getting into generic third-person shooting/cover-based gameplay — at about 2:45 — that tentacle immediately grabbed the dude from behind the cover, and I was immediately put at ease (I also laughed out loud). Well done, Capcom.