Ridiculous DC Comic Movie Rumor Bifecta

? Ridiculous rumor #1: Bradley Cooper will cameo as Lex Luthor in Man of Steel. This rumor comes all the way from Cosmic Book News, a site I’ve never heard of, which has no credibility regarding inside movie news that I’m aware of, and which can’t even bother to call its unnamed source “from the studio” or “on set” — this is just “a tip.” I find the idea of Cooper agreeing to cameo — or signing onto a unscheduled Superman sequel without any idea of how the first one will do — very unlikely. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I think I’ll wait to hear this rumor from a more credible source before I pay attention to it, like Variety or my cat. (Via Nerd Bastards)


?? Apparently Chris Nolan is an idiot who doesn’t care if audiences understand what his movie’s primary antagonist is saying — Warner Bros. has categorically denied the rumor that Bane’s voice in Dark Knight Rises has been or will be altered in any way. AICN says that WB is desperately trying to remix the rest of the movie’s sound to make Bane’s mumbling more audible, which is kind of like trying to fix someone’s broken leg by breaking the rest of the bones in his body so he doesn’t notice his leg so much. When asked for comment, Bane explained, “Mmpharrrbllghe arrbglgh maarrphlrr phgabllrghaugm.” (Via FilmDrunk)