The Golden Age of the Nerdy Reality Show Is Upon Us


?I guess. Because besides Geek Love and Kevin Smith’s upcoming Comic Book Men show, the Travel Channel is airing Toy Hunters this Sunday at 11pm. I’ve seen the pilot episode (which is all there’ll be if people don’t watch on Sunday), and it’s part Pawn Stars and part Storage Wars, as collectible store owner Jordan Hembrough (that’s him on the right) goes around looking for cool and/or classic merchandise to buy off people and then sell at New York Comic Con. What’s neat is that he does his searching around Cincinnati, where the old Kenner offices were, meaning he makes some seriously impressive finds (I don’t want to spoil it completely, but I will give you a two-word clue — “rocket firing”). He even meets with old Kenner employees, so he finds stuff like prototypes and test packages; if you’re a collector, it’s stuff he digs up is pretty awesome. The bargaining aspect of the show can get a little awkward, and I’m pretty sure he managed to sell all that stuff at NYCC for a lot more than he told the camera, but I can’t deny the vicarious thrill of watching someone rifle through box after box and suddenly coming up with unopened, unpunched Star Wars figures straight from 1978. You might want to set your DVRs, is all I’m saying.