Today in Great/Worthless Nerd Achievements

Ryan Sullivan has just broken the world record for most videogame consoles played in one minute. The previous record was nine, held by Jimmy Fallon. If you’ve not heard of this prestigious record, that’s because it’s dumb. Really, I resp[ect Sullivan for actually trying to do something with each game, like attack an enemy or enter a location, but I don’t really know why that counts as “playing.” Hell, in Crazy Taxi, he just goes forward for a bit; if he had just tapped a button, he would still have technically performed an act in the game, iand probably worked several more consoles in there. It all just seems a big waste of time to me. Although I just spent the last several hours critiquing an erotic My Little Pony fan fic, so maybe I should shut the fuck up. (Via Kotaku)

Update: I have no idea why the embed code keeps putting up the wrong video, but it’s actually not my mistake this time. You can watch the actual video here. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy the gof ball/mallet/tennis ball/paddle ridiculous aove.