X-Prize Foundation to World: “Make a @#$%ing Tricorder Already”


?The X-Prize Foundation is back, and they’re ready to drag humanity kicking and screaming into the future if they have to. Their next target is healthcare, which they feel will be markedly improved if someone would just invent the fucking tricorder already. To that end, the X-Prize Foundation is offering $7 million in their newest contest. From the site:

As envisioned for this competition, the device
will be a tool capable of capturing key health metrics and diagnosing a
set of 15 diseases. Metrics for health could include such elements as
blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. Ultimately, this tool
will collect large volumes of data from ongoing measurement of health
states through a combination of wireless sensors, imaging technologies,
and portable, non-invasive laboratory replacements.

Given that each team will take its own approach to design and
functionality, the device’s physical appearance and functionality may
vary immensely from team to team. Indeed, the only stated limit on form
is that the mass of its components together must be no greater than five
pounds. But because an important part of the qualifying round will be
evaluating consumer experience in using it, the limitations set by this
competition will force teams to make choices. Teams will have to
consider tradeoffs amongst weight, functionality, power requirements,
battery life, screen resolution, AI engine location, diagnosis
capability, end consumer cost, and so on.

What I love most about the Foundation — well, besides the fact they’re trying to improve the lives of all of humanity — is that they’re actually calling this the “Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize” contest, because they know a functional version of the fictional Star Trek doohickey is specifically what they’re looking for here. Plus, I guess it helps that every single person who will be entering the contest almost certainly knows what a tricorder is — at leas the ones who stand a chance of winning. It just gets everyone on the same page.  (Via The Mary Sue)