Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Is Still a Thing That Is Happening

My apologies for the less than enthusiastic headline to this article, it’s just that I have a hard time getting excited for the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock game when it appears that Supermassive Games and the BBC themselves put as little effort into it as possible. Scheduled to be released on the PS3 and PS Vita next month (with a PC release shortly thereafter), the title is nothing more than a traditional platformer with some puzzles and way, way too much River Song thrown in. Where’s the innovation worthy of the last Gallifreyan? There’s something seriously amiss when your game seems only slightly more interesting than Dalek Attack for the C-64. Then again, maybe I’m just jaded because Amy and Rory aren’t involved here. (They do however feature heavily in the BBC’s free downloadable adventure games which I’m not all Mr. Crankypants about). Having the opportunity to die as Rory seems like a no brainer. You’ll never convince me that any Doctor Who game without this crucial feature is worthwhile. (Via Doctor Who News)