Guess Who’s Back (Back Again) Darth Maul’s Back (Tell Your Friends)

Okay, I still think resurrecting Darth Maul in Clone Wars is nothing but a crass, mercenary act of marketing for The Phantom Menace 3-D, but I’ll be damned if this trailer for his return doesn’t make it all seem pretty damn exciting anyways. Maul appears to have gained a significantly bad attitude in place of his lower torso, so much so that even Count Dooku thinks something sinister is going on. Let me repeat: the man named Darth Tyrannus, who is leading a sham civil war while trying to kill the entire Jedi order, now thinks something evil is afoot. That’s like Jason from Friday the 13th saying, “Keep an eye on that dude. He just seems a little bit off to me, is all.” (Via USA Today)