Inspector Spacetime Needs You… to Make an Inspector Spacetime Show

when are we.jpg

?This is blowing my mind a little bit, so let’s see if I can break it down:

? The incredibly awesome sitcom Community once introduced a Doctor Who parody titled Inspector Spacetime.
? It is a real show in the Community universe.
? Inspector Spacetime has been known to fight the evil Blorgons with the help of his companion the Constable and his trusty Optic Pocketknife.
? The real actor who played Inspector Spacetime is named Travis Richey.
? Richey wants to make a real Inspector Spacetime series. A web series, specifically.
? Community has nothing to do with this. It’s just the actor wanting to bring the ridiculous character he once guest-starred as to life.
? He’s started a Kickstarter account for the series, which will be used purely for equipment — no one will get paid.

So essentially, Inspector Spacetime has decided to make an unofficial Inspector Spacetime show. This… yep, this is blowing my mind. (Via io9)