More Unbelievably Delightful Game of Thrones Season 2 Non-News

HBO just released yet another Game of Thrones season 2 video, and believe it or not, it reveals the stunning secret that the cast and crew think season two is going to be good. Maybe even better than season one! I know, I could barely believe it either — I scrambled around, desperately looking for a monocle to pop off my face, but the shock was just too great. Look, this might actually be the most worthless of the GoT season 2 production videos, but it still includes new footage of the show and new behind-the-scenes shots, and thus I’m both powerless to resist posting it and equally powerless to resist finding it all fascinating. I think HBO could post a video of Peter Dinklage silently reading a newspaper, and as long as he was in a Tyrion costume, I’d still watch the whole damn thing.