New TMNT Toy Trifecta? Don’t Mind If I Do!


?More new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy pics from Playmates? Yes, please. First up is Krang — you guys were right, he is riding a Terminator. While I miss his ridiculous robot from the ’80s cartoon — it’s just so specifically weird — I have no problem admitting this is slightly more imposing. Besides, maybe old-school Krang will get a TMNT Classics figure. God, I’d have to buy that just on principle.


?In less exciting news, the new April O’Neil looks like… well, this. If her character appearance wasn’t designed by a committee, I’ll eat one of her action figures. “We need anime eyes! Kids love that Japanimation!” “Jean shorts and legging! So she’s slightly feminine, but not so girly as to terrify young boys!” “And an indistinct sports jersey, too! She she’s a tomboy, which is like a boy, but a girl! It’s the best of all worlds!”

MTV Geek has more pics of a FOOT Soldier (solid), Shredder (looks a lot like the last cartoon to me, especially in physique), and Splinter (looks kind of like a possum, actually). Meanwhile, I figured this was actually the best photo to end with:


?Oh, sweet Super Sewer Playset. You’re so magnificent you even make that horrible April O’Neil figure okay!